Maid of Honor Speech Dos and Don’ts

Maid of Honor Speech Dos and Don’ts

You are the maid of honor and have decided to give a speech at the wedding of your favorite bride-to-be? Then the following questions and thoughts can help you make your speech a classy and appropriate part of the wedding program. You and the bride have a history with each other that has inspired her to make you her maid of honor. Now it is up to you to tell this story, praise the bride and groom and bring across all the best wishes in your maid of honor speech while also keeping your sanity and being mindful of your own feelings. Our tips will help you not be a nervous bundle of stress and be confident and happy to give your speech at the wedding.

Write the perfect speech for the wedding of your best friend, sister, cousin etc.

It is best to ask yourself some questions before you start writing your speech!
Remember how your friendship and her relationship with her groom started.
What does your friend mean to you?
What did you think when you saw the groom for the first time?
Why do you know that the two simply belong together?
If technology and planning allow it, you can also underline your words with a few photos projected on to a wall. 

Like every good speech, you can separate it into three parts to keep a good structure.



How to start your maid of honor speech the best way.

In the introduction of your maid of honor speech you should welcome the guests and introduce yourself if most guests do not know you. Create a relaxed atmosphere! Talk about how happy you are to be here today. You could also mention that you are a bit nervous and create closeness with the audience. One or two remarks that direct the interest of the listening guests towards you and take away your nervousness by showing a bit of vulnerability are always a good start!


Main body

Celebrate the wedding day with your mindful maid of honor speech and give the bride and groom your best wishes.

Find a smooth transition into the main part of the speech by sharing the answers to the questions from above. You can also tell a fun anecdote or get a bit philosophical about love or talk about how happy you are for the couple that they found each other. Talk about your friendship with the bride, the groom and both of them as a couple. You could also mention the first time they met each other, how they said “I love you” for the first time or what your first reaction to the groom was. Always be mindful of how you formulate your thoughts and stories and whether they are appropriate to tell in front of whoever was invited to the wedding. Other than that, anything is allowed in order to entertain the audience and underline the love of the couple!



Conclude with a toast to the newly weds.

A fitting conclusion for a maid of honor speech needs a toast! Ask the guests to raise their glasses and say your well wishes to the happy couple.




  • Respect that the bride’s parents have priority when it comes to holding speeches.
  • Don’t talk about huge embarrassments, wild parties or stories about exes – those subjects should not be part of a maid of honor speech.
  • Find a good length. Since others may want to hold speeches, your speech shouldn’t be too long.


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