Wedding Countdown Box - English Edition!

Dear curious customer! ♥

So far, we have inspired and accompanied many German-speaking brides with our "Hochzeits-Countdown-Kalender". They had many magical moments with our surprise box and could look forward to their wedding day with a totally relaxed mindset, excited for their special moment together with their grooms.

But we want to fill the whole world with wedding countdown happiness! Our team has worked very hard to finally present you the English Wedding Countdown Box.

Just like her German sister, the Wedding Countdown Box is a countdown for brides who wish to embrace the final days before their wedding. Throughout the last week before her wedding, the bride opens one of the seven boxes per day. Each is filled with a carefully selected, mindful gift and some ideas on how to take a moment to appreciate the gift - including a motivational affirmation that fits the mood of the day.

The goal of the Wedding Countdown Box is simple: To make the bride happy and to prepare her with positive energy for her wedding day. Who could resist that? ;)

If you can't wait to get one yourself, let us know via email. We will notify you as soon as the English Edition is launched!

Lots of Love,

Your Wedding Coutndown Box Team