Top 15 inspirierende Hochzeitssprüche

Top 15 inspiring wedding quotes

We've all been there: You're invited to a wedding, you've spent weeks thinking about a thoughtful gift and now you just want to quickly write the greeting card . And then it happens... You just can't seem to find a way to start.

But it doesn't have to be difficult to offer the bride and groom thoughtful wedding congratulations and give them a few kind words to take with them on their journey through life. Inspirational quotes for the wedding are always a good way to start writing a wedding card. But quotes also always add a thoughtful mood to invitation cards or save-the-date cards that the bride and groom send to their guests.

We have put together a wonderful selection of 15 wedding sayings for you here. Let yourself be inspired!

1. “The only important thing in life is the traces of love we leave behind when we go.” – Albert Schweitzer

2. “The art of loving consists above all in being close to one another without getting too close, in seeing one another every day without becoming ordinary, in becoming one and yet remaining two.” – Jochen Mariss
3. “We are all angels with one wing. We must embrace each other if we want to fly.” – Luciano De Cresenzo

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4. “When a person is in love, he shows himself as he should always be.” – Simone de Beauvoir
5. “Love is a celebration, it must not only be prepared but also celebrated.” – Plato

15 inspiring wedding sayings

6. “Experience teaches us that love does not consist in looking at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
7. “The soul cannot live without love, it must love something, it is created from love.” – Catherine of Siena
8. “Love is the decision to affirm the whole of a person, whatever the details may be.” – Otto Flake
9. “Marriage is not the happy ending, but always just the beginning.” – Federico Fellini
10. “True love arises from harmony of thoughts and contrast of characters.” – Theodore Simon Jauffroy
11. “I do not consider it the greatest happiness to have completely unraveled a person. It is a greater happiness to discover ever new depths in the one we love.” – FM Dostoyevsky
12. “Love alone understands the secret of giving gifts to others and becoming rich in the process.” – Clemens Brentano
13. “Reason can only speak. It is love that sings.” – Joseph Marie de Maistre
14. “To love someone is to be the only one to see a miracle invisible to others.” – Francois Mauriac
15. “Alone, man is an imperfect thing. He must find another to be happy.” – Blaise Pascal

Save our inspiring wedding sayings for save-the-date cards, invitations or a best man speech for later.

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