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The perfect gift for brides

7 days, 7 gifts

Lass ein Foto oder Text ins Innere der Box drucken und mach dieses Geschenk zu etwas ganz persönlichem
  • The special gift

    To give as a gift for a hen party, for future in-laws, colleagues, the groom or as a gift for yourself.

  • Customizable

    Design the wedding countdown calendar according to your wishes with your own photos, text and engravings. This will make it even more personal.

  • Becomes a memory box

    After the wedding, the wedding countdown calendar becomes a memory box and offers space for photos, the bridal bouquet and other memories.

frequently asked Questions

What is the wedding countdown calendar?

As a gift for a bride-to-be, the wedding countdown calendar is a magical dream. ♥ We think the intense phase just before the wedding is something very special and the bride deserves to enjoy it: this box will be her magical companion in the last exciting week !

The wedding countdown calendar is the pampering box for brides. It works like an Advent calendar for the bride-to-be. In the last week before the wedding, the bride can open a door every day and is pampered with a lovely gift for herself.

What’s in the wedding countdown calendar?

Seven beautiful, imaginative gifts, many of which will still be useful after the wedding! There are no joke items included - we're serious about the anticipation. ;)

If you want to know exactly, you can check out the contents of the wedding countdown calendar here - but if you want to be surprised, don't look too closely!

When should I give the calendar as a gift (time)?

The bride can start her personal countdown as early as 100 days before the wedding using the scratch-off calendar included in the box. Gifts are then given every day in the last week before the wedding. ;) The calendar should be with the bride at least a week before the wedding. If the wedding is on a Saturday, for example, that means the Saturday before.

Can I personalize the wedding countdown calendar?

Of course! Make your gift something really special by adding the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, a meaningful quote or a photo to the inside of the calendar cover. You can also have the piece of jewelry included beautifully engraved this way. Well, if that isn't a surprise when you unpack it :)

Is there a calendar version for same-sex couples?

Yes, we want to celebrate love with you, regardless of age, skin color or gender. So just get in touch with us. We will send you the perfect calendar for her & her or him & him.

  • Nadine Frerks

    " I love this box. It made the last few days before the wedding so much more pleasant for me and the affirmations took away my anxiety. I can highly recommend this box to any bride-to-be. It made the wait so much more pleasant for us. "

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  • Linda, Maid of Honour

    "My best friend Lili was so happy when I gave her the calendar. She proudly sent me photos of her presents every day and her wedding was of course the highlight for me as maid of honour!"

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  • Amelia, Wedding Planner

    "I wanted to thank my bride with a gift for the wonderful and intensive preparation time with her. That's why I gave her the calendar a month before the wedding and she was really happy! That way she could relax and know that I had everything under control and was there for her!"

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