Nice to know

What makes the wedding countdown calendar special?
It's an open secret that the bridal calendar is designed to brighten up the last week before the wedding. But it can do so much more!



... that each countdown calendar comes to you wrapped in delicate tissue paper and with a "Happy Bride" sticker. This way, it not only arrives safely at its destination, but is also ready to be given as a gift.


...that each calendar comes with a matching greeting card that can be personalized with a message for the recipient? Just let us know in your order which message you would like to have added.


... to create the right mood and add that extra bit of mindfulness, each of the 7 boxes contains a countdown card with warm words and an explanation of how the contents of this door can be best used. In addition, there is a suitable affirmation for each day that accompanies the bride-to-be with positive thoughts.


... that the bride-to-be can start her personal anticipation countdown 100 days before her big day thanks to a matching crossing-off calendar. This mini wedding countdown calendar can be used up until the wedding.


... that you can specify an individual address when ordering? This way, you can have your bride-to-be's calendar sent to her home, while the invoice is sent to you by email.


... that it's really easy to personalize the calendar for the bride-to-be. Make your gift extra special by having the inside of the calendar cover printed with the bride and groom's names, the wedding date, a beautiful quote or a black and white photo. Please note, however, that the delivery time will be extended accordingly so that we can produce the individual inner cover exactly as you wish.


.... that you can use the calendar box to store all your wedding memories? Simply take out all the boxes and use the space in the outer packaging for your mementos, such as your dried bridal bouquet, your invitation card, the guest book, etc.


... if you are less than a week away from your wedding, you can use our reminder service via email.


… that the wedding countdown calendar is designed, produced and lovingly packaged by hand in Berlin.


... that the wedding countdown calendar can be given as a gift, whether to a heterosexual or homosexual couple. Simply let us know when you place your order whether the calendar is to be given to a bride and bride, a bride and groom, or a groom and groom, and we will send you the appropriate calendar variant.