About Us

"Feel the magic of love - every day before your wedding."

Great that you are here! Are you ready to enjoy the last 7 days before your wedding in a magical way? Or to sweeten these days for your girlfriend with our wedding countdown calendar? ♥

You are probably here because you want to know one thing: Who is behind the idea of ​​accompanying you 7 days before the wedding with lovingly selected gifts and motivating words for the final spurt? Then let us reveal our little "secret" . ;)

Maybe we already know each other? Yes, we are the melovely team ! We live out our passion for style & fashion in our online shop. On melovely.de we show you (really!) unique designer jewelry and damn cool watches, bags & co. – not only online, but also in our store in the heart of Berlin. ♥

How did we come up with the wedding countdown calendar?

“Small gifts make life more beautiful.”

Particularly in turbulent times that is just sooo true! And that is part of our philosophy.

Our goal is to inspire you to enjoy the moment - and that is exactly what makes the magical "gift moment". So why not honor a special day in the same way in the time before? Now let’s be honest: We often hear from our customers (especially brides) how our accessories a small ray of hope – from the magical unpacking to everyday wear.

Jewelry and weddings belong together – so we asked ourselves: “What can you do for a bride who already has everything?”

Well, it's not that difficult, because most brides-to-be lack one thing above all: peace and quiet.

And so we came up with the formula:

“Small gifts + moments of relaxation = Happy bride!”

So we have created the wedding countdown calendar for brides-to-be: And with it we give brides in "last minute stress" the time and mentality to consciously enjoy the last seven days before their wedding. We accompany them until the big magical moment with 7 lovingly selected Gifts , encouraging Affirmations and small Rituals for relaxation and mindfulness.

So: Each door inspires your anticipation and you can enjoy your journey to the big day with surprises and exciting inspiration.

Happy Marrying! ♥

Your melovely team