Anti-Hochzeitsstress: 4 Dinge, über die du dir kein Kopfzerbrechen bereiten solltest

Anti-wedding stress: 4 things you shouldn't worry about

There are many situations that can easily stress you out when planning a wedding. Even though wedding worries are a natural part of preparing for a wedding, you shouldn't let yourself get too stressed. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the wedding madness. With the following tips , you can confidently face the stress of planning !

“Who do we invite?” - Bad conscience

How difficult can it be to decide on your favorite guests ? Very difficult when you think about it... Should we invite Aunt Ilse even though I've only met her once? Should I invite colleagues? What about the school friend I sporadically write to on social media?

The most important thing is that you agree on the number of guests based on the hard facts (budget, etc.) and then think about who should be there on your big day. Don't feel guilty if you decide against someone for various reasons. Talk to the person and explain your thoughts to them. A separate invitation is a good way to put them off. In any case, don't feel pressured into anything and decide calmly.

We have compiled a more detailed article for you detailing the questions you can ask yourself to make your selection easier .

Are you confused about the seating arrangement? Then follow our tips.

Table arrangement

The seating arrangement can also be a factor to ponder once you have decided on your guests. There are various things to consider, but if you follow a few tips, it's not that difficult.

Traditionally, the bride's parents and the witnesses sit a short distance away from the bride and groom. All other relatives and friends can be seated in different ways: Do you let the families sit together or do you combine different guests so that they can have interesting conversations?

In any case, it is advisable not to seat guests who are arguing together. And you should definitely be considerate of older guests . A table that is easy to reach and not directly in front of the speakers for the music is a must. You can easily integrate singles at couples' tables by having the couples sit opposite each other. This creates a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable.

Just moving names around in your head can sometimes be difficult. If you're a visual type, just sketch out the seating plan and try out different configurations. Once you've decided on it, you can also prepare a plan to help guests orient themselves.

Fear of rainy weather

... is certainly a concern that is not unjustified when it comes to outdoor weddings. But as the old saying goes: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. We would rather say: ... only bad preparation!

Just keep an eye on the chance of rain around the wedding date and come up with a plan B beforehand. Being prepared for all eventualities will give you peace of mind, because then nothing can surprise you. Make sure you have somewhere dry or warm to go . Gazebos that you have set up beforehand can also be a great way to protect your celebratory table in the open air. Having rain ponchos and umbrellas ready in case you are unsure will also make your worries disappear.

If you're too worried about the weather, you should perhaps choose a location where rain and the like aren't a problem . And if the weather doesn't go your way, then only a winning smile will help. Raindrops in the veil are also said to bring good luck. ;)

The wedding dance

You're not a dancer? Do you think you have to put on a special performance? Nobody is asking you to! It's enough if you just dance from one foot to the other in love or get the rest of the guests on the dance floor after half a minute.

If you do want to take the opportunity to dance a waltz, then make an appointment for a few dance lessons or an afternoon crash course. If it doesn't work out right away, don't despair. You can also provide your guests with sparklers, glow sticks, or something similar to distract them from your dancing skills.

Ultimately, what counts is a nice song and a romantic atmosphere . No one expects a stylish flash mob choreography! Just have the best time together on the dance floor.

Our tips for a stress-free wedding!

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