Checkliste für die Hochzeit? Klar doch!

Checklist for the wedding? Of course!

Has your loved one proposed to you or have you proposed to him? Well then everything is clear - you are getting married! Now all that is left is to organize the wedding reception. Are you starting to panic a little when you hear the words "just"? Don't worry. Planning a wedding is not that difficult. If you know when you have to do which task, the rest will almost happen automatically with the help of friends and relatives.

To Do's of the wedding checklist at a click:

> 12-9 months before the wedding
> 9-6 months before the wedding
> 6-3 months before the wedding
> 3-1 month before the wedding
> One week before the wedding

Are you getting married in about a year? Find out when you need to register with the registry office, when it's best to buy your wedding dress and when you should have received offers from venues and catering so that you can relax and count down the days until the wedding. We've put together the ultimate wedding checklist so that you know what to do in which month before the wedding.

12 to 9 months before the wedding – collect ideas

He put a ring on it? Then it's time for you to announce your engagement . This usually happens automatically because of the pride. The next step is to set a date . You should consider whether you would prefer to get married in summer or winter. But you should also weigh up the arguments for a spring or autumn wedding. Think about which season and which date you prefer.

That's the right keyword: it's time to plan! Now that you know when you want to get married, you should start collecting ideas for the celebration . Do you want to have a summer garden wedding or a colorful autumn wedding? Collect your ideas for your big celebration. If you want it to be a wedding that requires a lot of initiative, then it's time to collect the most beautiful wedding DIYs. Or would you like to hand over the organization? Then start looking for a wedding planner. It's best to write down all your wishes and ideas so that you can implement them for your perfect wedding celebration. You should also clarify how many guests you want to invite and what your budget is. Then you can start looking for a suitable location .

At the end of the idea phase, it's time to send out save-the-date cards . What's that all about? These cards are sent out according to English tradition to let potential guests know that you're getting married. To make sure everyone is there, write on the card that the wedding is taking place and approximately when.

Wedding To Do's Checklist at a Glance

  • Collection of ideas
  • How many guests?
  • Set a budget
  • Search for wedding location
  • Send Save the Date cards

9 to 6 months before the wedding

Register with your preferred date at the registry office and the church if you want to have a church wedding. Once this date is confirmed, you can slowly get started. Have you found your dream location? Then you should book it now. Check with the organizer whether they will also provide the food for the venue. Otherwise, you should choose a caterer for the food on your wedding day.

But there are a few other things to choose from: In addition to the food, there should of course be a wedding cake that can be ordered. Flower decorations , the right music and a wedding photographer are also topics that you have already researched in advance and that you now have to book. Speaking of music - do you feel prepared for the wedding dance? Then now is the opportunity to take a few dance lessons together . That way you can dance into the harbor of marriage perfectly prepared at your big celebration.

Wedding cake, floral decorations, location – all of this needs to be decided and booked together.

Once the date is set, you should let your witnesses know what honorable task they have been chosen for. You can also delegate a few organizational tasks. If you would like to give your witnesses a little help with which tasks they can support you, you can find our blog article on the ten tasks of a maid of honor here :

> Important tasks of the maid of honour

And what comes after your big party? The honeymoon , of course . Now is the time to plan your vacation as a newly married couple. Are you going to treat yourselves to something exotic for luxurious relaxation or is it going to be an active vacation with hiking etc. What you like is popular. And if you book in advance, you can still get a bargain or two.

Checklist Wedding To Do's on a glance

  • Make an appointment at the registry office and church
  • Book a wedding location
  • Set wedding menu
  • Everything about the celebration: wedding cake, music, flower decoration
  • Wedding photographer
  • Dance lessons
  • Inform witnesses
  • Planning a honeymoon

6 to 3 months before the wedding – clothes make the man and people like to party!

Now that you know where and when the party will be, it's time to fine-tune. But before you start buying all the important accessories, you first need to invite your guests about six months in advance. Buy or create a few beautiful invitation cards and send them out in all directions to let your guests know the important details of your party. Ask your guests for quick feedback so that you can adjust your planning accordingly.

But we were talking about accessories! The time has finally come, you can now start looking for your dream wedding dress ! Grab your maid of honor, sister and/or mother and go dress shopping. Choose a dress in good time and remember to arrange a fitting. If you lose a few pounds because of all the stress, the seamstress can tailor the dress even more to your body shortly before your wedding. You should also choose the right accessories for the wedding outfit to match the wedding dress.

Choosing a wedding dress can be one of the most enjoyable tasks in preparing for a wedding.

You should also make an appointment for make-up and hairdressing . Go to the stylist and hairdresser with your exact ideas and wishes. It is best if you also make an appointment for a hairstyle trial. This way you can try out together with the hairdresser how best to style your hair for the big day.

If you want to contribute something to the entertainment at the wedding reception, now is the time to ask friends or relatives to prepare a program item for the wedding or to hire someone from outside to entertain the guests. Even if you want to make your own wedding vows , like the English model , it is advisable not to start looking for the right words at the last minute. Think about it and write down what your heart tells you.

> How to keep your wedding guests busy

Checklist Wedding To Do's on a glance

  • Send wedding invitations
  • Choosing a wedding dress
  • Make an appointment for make-up and hairdressing
  • Plan the program for the wedding reception

3 to one month before the wedding

And have you ever thought that you will soon have a new name ? You have to take care of it in good time. You cannot avoid going to the office to apply for a new ID card and passport.

There is also a little taste of the celebrations during this time. The hen party and the bridal shower are usually celebrated a little before the wedding. Do you need a few more suggestions on how and where you would like to celebrate your hen party? Then you will find inspiring ideas in our blog post:

> Ideas for the perfect hen party

As already mentioned, there will be another wedding dress fitting shortly before the wedding . Check the guests' feedback again and then decide on the final seating plan. This way you can also prepare the place cards or seating overviews so that all aunts, cousins ​​and friends know where to sit.

Checklist Wedding To Do's on a glance

  • Apply for identity card and passport
  • Planning a bachelorette party
  • Hen party
  • Wedding dress fitting
  • determine final seating arrangement

One week before the wedding – get beautiful, baby!

The last week before your big day is all about relaxation and beauty preparations . Dress up: mani, pedi, cosmetics, etc. Think of a beauty treatment and treat yourself. The best thing, of course, is to let yourself be pampered. A visit to the beautician will take you away from the stress of wedding preparations and you will look fresh and beautiful for your big day.

Relax a little. You are well prepared for the wedding and can now relax a little just before the wedding

Our > wedding countdown calendar is a perfect match . It has a sweet surprise in store for each of the last 7 days to remind you of the wonderful time that lies ahead for you and your sweetheart.

In addition to the relaxing part, there are a couple of small tasks that you should complete to start your wedding day in a relaxed manner. Get some reassurances from the service providers you have hired that everything is going according to plan.

Not only are you celebrating your wedding soon, you're also heading off on your honeymoon . So, open your suitcases , iron your favorite beach dress, and pack all the important things for your romantic vacation as a married couple.

Checklist Wedding To Do's on a glance

  • Manicure, pedicure, beautician ...
  • reinsure with all service providers
  • Packing for honeymoon
  • Get a wedding countdown calendar as a gift ;-)

One day before the wedding – We will wake up one more time…

Take a deep breath - tomorrow is the day you've been working towards. All you need to do today, apart from looking forward to your wedding, is get your documents ready for tomorrow. Don't forget the rings either . It's usually the best man's job to take care of the rings, so a little reminder certainly won't hurt and will put your mind at ease.

You should also have a small emergency bag packed. If you have a resourceful maid of honor, she may have taken on this task for you.

And then all that's left is to wish you a peaceful and restful night. Go to bed early so that you're well rested for your wedding day.

Wedding anniversary, yippee!

The motto for today is simply enjoy ! You have spent so long preparing for this day, racking your brains, planning and organizing. Now the time has come and you can celebrate your special day together with your loved ones.

Now your wedding day has come. Enjoy your party with your loved ones.

And even if everything doesn't go according to plan, don't worry and enjoy the celebration in honor of your love. Celebrate the party of the year with friends and family and let them accompany you into the new phase of your life.

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