Ideen für den perfekten Junggesellinnenabschied

Ideas for the perfect hen party

The very first question you should sound out the bride is whether she wants a tray or not. There are many brides who hate the idea of ​​wandering around the pedestrian zone for hours and swindling strangers for a small drink in exchange for a phone number.

The inspiration on this list is for all of those people. There are so many more ways to spend a nice afternoon with the girls and celebrate the last hours of your bachelorette party with them. So how about the following ideas?

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Relax and feast

Pure relaxation and a fine meal are always the perfect way to celebrate. If you want to organize a quiet afternoon for the bride among her favorite girls, these suggestions for the bachelorette party are just the thing.

Wellness day

Relaxing stag party - the right thing for you and your girls?

Getting married is wonderful, but it can also be extremely stressful. That's why you could organize a lovely day in a thermal bath , sauna or spa for the bride, a handful of friends and yourself. This will not only replenish your energy reserves, but will also provide a little dose of beauty for everyone before the big day.

Chocolate tasting

Sweet sin for everyone! The chocolate tasting is something for you with a sweet tooth.

Officially feasting on chocolate? That would be something for the bride's sweet tooth. If your friend loves the sweet treat, you can organize a fine chocolate tasting for her and the girls. It's especially great: If the bride is planning a little giveaway for the guests, you can get great inspiration.

The wedding countdown calendar to give as a gift to brides!

Healthy body, mind in love

Who said you can't do exciting outdoor and sports activities with the bachelorette party crew? With these active ideas, there's definitely something for your bachelorette party.

Introductory dance course

With a little exercise in dance class you girls can have a lot of fun.

If you're not into fancy stuff and prefer to be active, a dance workshop might be something for you. Just organize a cool, active hen party in a dance studio. Music and movement will ease all the stress of the wedding and are just plain fun.

If you would like to express your feminine side, you can arrange a trial lesson in belly dancing, burlesque or, for the really ambitious, acrobatic pole dancing.

Climbing park

Climb to lofty heights together and have a great day at the climbing park.

But exercise in the great outdoors is also a good idea - provided the bride and all her friends don't suffer from vertigo. Climbing at lofty heights gives you a completely different perspective on things - such as unnecessary stress. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fun activity as a group. It's just fun and brings the bachelorette party guests closer together!

A little glamour before the wedding

The bride should feel like a princess at the wedding, but you can also spoil her with luxury at your hen party. So quickly get dressed up and off you go!

Visit to the luxury club

And off you go in the limo to the luxury club, where you and the bride can feel like real VIPs.

Admittedly, this type of luxury for mental preparation for the wedding has already become a classic. But it's not without reason that the idea has been included in the circle of the best ideas for a bachelor party. So go ahead and rent an exclusive limousine for all the girls! It's best to organize a place in the VIP lounge of the luxury club near you for this glamorous evening.

Dress up and go celebrate your bride properly. Invite the future wife and make sure it's a lovely evening. But as good friends, it's also your job to make sure the bride-to-be gets home safely.

Casino visit

The bride has already won the jackpot with her husband-to-be, but you can still have fun at the casino during your bachelorette party.

If you don't want to dance but still want to offer the bride a luxurious evening, then a visit to the casino would be a good idea. Dress up and watch as your stakes increase or become history after the first few rounds at the roulette table. Make sure that all participants in the hen party are of legal age and are allowed into the casino.

Fun & culture combined


You can experience glitter and glamour with culture when you visit a musical!

An entertaining evening event such as a visit to the theater, an opera or a musical is also a great experience. Is the bride a musical fan? Does she like music and a thrilling story? Then this activity is just the thing for her hen party.

Take your bride out in a small group to an enchanting evening of music, dancing and a great stage show . Agree beforehand that you will all chip in for her ticket and of course pay for your own musical ticket.

amusement park

Have a lovely stag day at the theme park. Action included!

Are you in the luxurious position of living near an amusement park? Then it's definitely worth considering going there with the girls. Not only is it great fun to ride rollercoasters and other rides, but you can also feel like a child again in a place like this before the "seriousness" of married life begins.

Whatever you organize, make sure you have a great bachelorette party and celebrate the bride properly!

Tips for the perfect hen party. Just pin it for later.

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