Keep Calm and Wedding on – The Big Day is 7 days away!

Keep Calm and Wedding on – The Big Day is 7 days away!

The wedding is so soon and there’s still so much to do! You have to pick up the dress. Who is picking up relatives from abroad at the airport? Did you order too little food for the buffet? Hopefully the weather holds up for your outside ceremony... What a catastrophe if it rained during your vows! STOP .

Even ignoring the fact that raindrops in your wedding veil are said to bring luck, you also shouldn't let the stress get to you either way! It's the day you've been waiting for for so long and it should be one of the most beautiful days of your life.

We've put together the best tips to relax so you don't lose your head. With our tips, you can spend the last 7 days before the wedding without stress and allow yourself relaxing breaks .

For some more luxurious surprises you can order the Wedding Countdown Box or have someone gift it to you. With it, you'll have seven sweet presents to accompany you along with our relaxing tips.

Day 7 - Wellness

Treat yourself to a spa day right before the wedding.

It's the big day in one week! The first day of our relaxing week is dedicated to wellness. Take some time just for you and draw a nice, warm bath for yourself. When you're enveloped by the water, enjoy the warmth that provides some much-needed relaxation for your muscles and mind.

To add something extra special to your beauty treatment, use a face mask. Simply apply it before you lie down in the bathtub. It will not only lighten your feelings of stress, but also give you the right glow on your wedding photos.

While you're in the warm water, any tension in your muscles will be released. If that's not enough, give yourself a nice neck massage - or you can ask your lovely husband-to-be to give you an anti-stress shoulder massage after the bath. Of course you can also upgrade this DIY relaxation session by taking the day off and going to a professional spa or sauna .

Affirmation: I am a beautiful and relaxed bride.


Day 6 - To-Do List

Okay, there is a lot to do. You can't deny that. Take a note and write down everything that goes through your head and needs to be taken care of urgently. Set priorities: What really still needs to be done by you? Delegate all other tasks to other people. You have friends, family and a maid of honour that are by your side. Think about who you can give what errant to with a good feeling.

Affirmation: I am well organized and it's okay to delegate tasks.


Day 5 – Take yourself out of the game for a day

Easier said than done, we know! But part of your relaxation program is that you stay out of everyday drudgery as much as possible today. Take a vacation from the mundane! If you cannot take a whole day , at least push everything away in the afternoon so you can relax. If the weather is good, you can do some activities outside with your favorite human - go to the lake or swimming hall. Take a good book or magazine with you and read while you're baking in the sun. If there is no lake close to you, at least make your way to a park or sit in a garden. Take a few hours off and just enjoy your little vacation. We especially recommend turning off your phone or tablet. Maybe let your wedding helpers know and leave the phone be! Is there anything nicer than relaxing on a spontaneous micro vacation ?

Affirmation: I am enjoying today's vacation vibes and the time I'm taking for myself.


Day 4 – Into nature

Going into nature is a nice way to calm down for brides to be.

After enjoying a bit of nature and all of her earthly gifts yesterday, our relaxation program for day 4 takes it a step further. Think about what you can do alone or together with your loved ones outside . It's not about ticking off any crazy outdoor activities. (Of course, if it's relaxing for you, you can feel free to hyke or go climbing.) But even a simple walk can do wonders for your calm and peace. Simply go out into nature. Feel the wind and the sunshine, smell the flowers and enjoy the greenery that surrounds you. Take a break on a bench and consciously look around to take it all in. Maybe there are even a few clouds in the sky for you to watch. Do you remember how much fun it was to discover shapes in the clouds as a child? Do you see anything now? Maybe you will discover some wild flowers as well. If you are allowed to do so, you could pick a few and take them home with you as a meditative exercise.

Affirmation: Nature fills me with joy and I take in its calming effect on me fully.


Day 3 – Let go of what pressures you

If you're honest, your nerves may be wrecked by now anyway. That’s absolutely normal. And it is good if you are conscious of it. Talk to your partner about it . Tell him that you feel stressed and why. He will be your husband and you can share all your worries with him. That's why you should also tell him about your nervousness and the planning stress you may have right now. Preparing for the wedding is a team effort, after all. Who, if not your husband, would understand what pressures you and gives you tension. Honesty is the best medicine and cultivates understanding when you are in danger of getting a bit mean to each other due to all the stress.

To get some calm energy you can also pick up the phone and call your family and friends . With your sister, friend or mother you can talk honestly about your stress and let them tell you that it's not as bad as it seems. Beyond that, they can offer you help if you are honest with them and you can accept it with good conscience if you notice that you need some support.

And if nothing else helps, there's only one thing left to do: Turn on your favorite music at full volume and sing and dance along. This works best at home, of course! No matter if you think you can dance or sing, just let go and enjoy the atmosphere at ease. But you can also use headphones on the train or on the way to work to get some more good feelings!

Affirmation: I speak about my stress honestly and then let it go.


Day 2 – Lazy Cuddle Vibes

Relax and cuddle with your groom and enjoy the time for two.

Now it’s almost time! One more night and you will surprise your husband-to-be with your breathtaking wedding dress in front of the altar. To gather enough energy for tomorrow, you should take a step back today and allow yourself to slow down . Sleep in and make the conscious decision to go to bed early the night before. If you think you will have trouble sleeping, take a bath and get cozy in your favorite warm pajamas afterwards. A relaxing tea can also help you find inner peace.

Cuddling is another key word! Take your future husband by your side and enjoy a long cuddling session with him. It's the last one as an unmarried couple. YAY! Hold each other intensely and feel each other's warmth, enjoy each other's familiar smell.

To fall asleep more relaxed, you can already lay out some of the things you need for the wedding day. That way, you know that everything is ready to start your big day.

Affirmation: I am slowing down and gathering my energy.


The Wedding Day - Deep breaths & Smile

You open your eyes and suddenly it’s your wedding day. Everything is well prepared! The ceremony and the party will be wonderful. Now you don't need to be anxious anymore. And if you are nervous, you can try some breathing exercises to ground yourself. Let your breath flow consciously through your nose into your stomach. That way, you make sure that your breaths become deep and slow and you have enough oxygen. Belly breathing helps you get into a relaxed zone. Or you could also sigh consciously once: Breathe in through your nose and quickly out through the mouth. Can you feel the calm spread within you?

One last trick that we want to equip you with: Smile. Of course you will smile naturally because it's the day you are celebrating your love with all of your guests. But even if something goes a little awry, smile away those little troubles. Nothing is as bad as it seems. Enjoy the day with your husband, your family and your friends and look forward to a beautiful future, just the two of you.

Affirmation: I look forward to spending a relaxed, happy day with all my loved ones.

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