So wirst du zur entspannten und glücklichen Braut!

Only 7 days until the big day! - Keep Calm and Wedding on

It's almost time to start and there's still so much to do ! The dress still needs to be picked up. Who will pick up the relatives from abroad from the airport? Did you order too little food for the buffet? Hopefully the weather will hold up for your outdoor ceremony... It would be a disaster if it started to rain while you were saying "I do"! STOP.

Aside from the fact that raindrops on the bridal veil bring good luck, you shouldn't let yourself get stressed out. It's the day you've been looking forward to for so long and it should be the most beautiful day of your life.

To help you not lose your head, we have put together the best relaxation tips for you . So you can spend the last 7 days before the wedding without stress and treat yourself to relaxing breaks .

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Day 7 – Wellness

Treat yourself to something relaxing! How about a massage?

It starts in a week. The first day of the relaxation week is all about the wellness star. Take your time and run a pleasantly warm bath . When you let the water surround you, enjoy the warmth that ensures the right relaxation. You can treat yourself to that special something in the way of beauty treatment with a mask . Simply apply it to your previously cleansed face and then let it take effect. This way you not only do something to shake off stress, but you also ensure that you have the right glow in the wedding photos. While you lie in the warm water, your tense muscles relax. If that's not enough for you, you can treat yourself to a neck massage . Or you can ask your loved one to give you an anti-stress shoulder massage after you've taken a bath.

Of course, you can upgrade this DIY relaxation by taking the afternoon off and going to a professional spa, thermal bath or sauna .

Affirmation of the day:

I am a beautiful and relaxed bride.

Day 6 – To-do list

Distribute all other wedding tasks so you can sit back a bit.

Okay, there is a lot to do. There is no denying that. Take a piece of paper and write down everything that is on your mind and that still needs to be done urgently. Set priorities: What do you really still need to do? Hand over all other tasks.

You have friends, family and your maid of honour who are always there to help you. Think about who you can delegate which tasks to with a clear conscience. This will give you a little more time for yourself and a healthy distance that will allow you to look forward to the wedding day in a relaxed manner. Don't try to control everything. With the appropriate briefing from your dear helpers, you can look forward to the big day without stress.

Affirmation of the day:

I am well organized and am okay with handing over tasks.

Day 5 – Take a day off completely

Easier said than done. Today's relaxation program includes getting away from everyday life . Take a mini-vacation, so to speak! If you can't take a whole day off, then at least free up the afternoon and then pack up all your bags for a few hours.

Relax during a spontaneous "mini vacation" in the garden or in the hammock.

If the temperatures allow, head to a lake or an outdoor pool with your future spouse. Take a good book or magazine with you and browse in peace while you bask in the sun. If there is no lake nearby, then a deck chair in the garden or a hammock in the allotment will do. Just relax and enjoy your spontaneous mini-vacation . It is also particularly advisable to leave your smartphone and tablet behind for the time being. Check in with your wedding helpers and just let your cell phone be a cell phone . What could be nicer than a relaxing, super spontaneous “vacation”.

Affirmation of the day:

I am enjoying today's holiday mood and the time I take for myself.

Day 4 – Out into nature

After you enjoyed a bit of nature with all its grounding benefits yesterday, we're going to take the relaxation program on day 4 to the next level. Think about what you can do outside, alone or with your loved one . It's not about doing any exciting outdoor activities. (If that relaxes you, you can of course also go climbing or hiking.)

Take a walk to counteract your wedding stress.

But even a walk can work wonders in terms of peace and quiet. Just go out into nature. Feel the wind and the sun's rays, smell the fragrance of the flowers and enjoy the greenery that surrounds you. If you pass a meadow with a bench on your walk, take the time to stop and look around carefully. Maybe there are even a few clouds in the sky that you can watch. Do you remember how fun it was as a child to discover shapes in clouds? Can you see some now? You might even discover a few wild flowers. Then pick yourself a nice bouquet of meadow flowers . Things that look beautiful in a vase at home are fun to pick and almost have meditative qualities.

Affirmation of the day:

I enjoy nature and absorb its calming power.

Day 3 – Is something bothering you? Let go!

Is something bothering you? Then tell your loved one and you will see that it is not as bad as you think.

If you're honest, your nerves are still on edge. That's completely normal. It's good to be aware of it . Talk to your partner about it . Tell him that you're feeling stressed. He's going to be your husband, you can share all your worries with him. That's why you should also tell him about your excitement and the potential stress of planning. You're both preparing for your wedding day together. Who else but your groom can understand what's making you feel depressed and tense? Honesty is the best medicine and ensures a better understanding when you're in danger of becoming bitchy with each other because of all the stress.

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To calm yourself down, you can simply pick up the phone and call family or friends . Here, too, the motto applies: you can talk honestly about your stress with a good friend, sister or mother and be assured that it's not as bad as it seems . They will also offer you their help, which you should accept if you notice that you still need some support.

And if nothing else seems to help, there's only one thing left to do: turn on your favorite feel-good music really loudly and sing and dance along. The best place to do this is at home, of course! No matter how well you think you can sing and dance, just let go and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. But you can also conjure up a good feeling with some music in your ears by wearing headphones on the train on the way to work or after work.

Affirmation of the day:
I talk honestly about my stress and then let it go.

Day 2 – Lazy cuddling mood

Now the time has come. Just one more sleep and then you can surprise your loved one with a breathtaking dress in front of the altar. In order to gather enough energy for tomorrow, you should take a step back today and slow down . Allow yourself to sleep in and also consciously decide to go to bed early in the evening . If you think you're having trouble falling asleep, treat yourself to another bath in the tub and then snuggle up in a pair of warm pajamas. A relaxing tea is also good for inner peace.

Cuddling is just the thing to help you relax and prepare for your wedding day.

Speaking of cuddling - that's also a good keyword! Take your future husband aside and enjoy a long cuddling session. This will be the last as an unmarried couple. Yay! Hug each other tightly and feel each other's warmth and the familiar scent.

To help you sleep more relaxed, it's best to get your wedding day things ready . That way you know that everything is ready to start the big day.

Affirmation of the day:

I treat myself to some time off and gather energy.

Wedding anniversary – breathe deeply & smile

Breathe deeply and smile away all stress is the recipe for a happy and relaxed wedding day.

You open your eyes and suddenly it's your wedding day. Everything is well prepared. The ceremony and the party will be beautiful. Now you don't need to be nervous anymore.

If you do get a little nervous, breathing exercises can bring you back down to earth. Consciously let your breath flow in through your nose and make sure you breathe into your stomach. This way you ensure that your breaths are deep and slow and that you have enough oxygen available. Abdominal breathing helps you to achieve the relaxation you want. Or you can consciously sigh : breathe in and then breathe out quickly. Do you feel calm spreading through you?

One last trick we would like to give you is: smile . Of course, you will automatically smile today because it is the day on which you celebrate your love with all your guests. But even if something goes wrong today, which can always happen, just smile the problems away . It's not that bad. Enjoy the day with your husband, family and friends and look forward to your relaxed future together.

Affirmation of the day:

I look forward to spending the day relaxing with all my loved ones and simply smiling away all the little problems.

Our relaxation tips for the last week before your wedding. Just remember them for later!

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