Stationery with personality: How to express the style of your wedding in every detail

Choosing the right wedding stationery is crucial to setting the tone for the big day. Wedding cards and the church booklet in particular play an important role as they are not only practical but also add a personal and stylish touch. Here are some tips to help you decide on the style of your wedding stationery:

1. Determine theme and color palette:

Before you decide on a style, you should decide on the theme and color palette of your wedding. Do you want to create a romantic, modern or classic atmosphere? The colors should be reflected in all your wedding decorations.

2. Personal style:

Your wedding stationery should reflect your personality as a couple. Think about which elements and designs suit you best. Do you love the vintage flair or do you prefer a modern, minimalist look?

3. Consistency is important:

Make sure the style you choose is consistent and carries through to all elements. From the save-the-date cards to the invitations to the church booklets, there should be a harmonious connection.

4. Invitations as a foretaste:

Wedding invitations are often the first thing your guests see of your big day. Use them as a preview of the wedding style. Choose paper types, fonts and graphics that capture the atmosphere of your wedding.

5. Design a church booklet:

The church booklet is not only informative, but also offers the opportunity to continue your wedding in a coherent style. Integrate elements from your invitations and adapt the style to the character of the ceremony.

6. Include creative details:

Think outside the box and add creative touches that make your wedding stationery special. From handwritten notes to personalized illustrations, small details can make a big difference.

7. Quality of paper:

The quality of the paper plays a crucial role. Choose a high-quality paper that suits your style. Matte, glossy, textured or smooth - the texture can influence the overall impression.


Choosing wedding stationery is not only a practical decision, but also a creative way to express your personality and the style of your wedding. Take the time to define your style and let it shine through all elements of your wedding stationery to create a unified and unforgettable atmosphere for your special day.

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