Top 5 Hochzeitsaccessoires für dein Brautoutfit

Top 5 wedding accessories for your bridal outfit

Of course, there's a lot more to getting married than just an outfit. But it's an important part of your preparation and should make you the radiant bride on your wedding day. So which accessories are there that you can't walk down the aisle without?


A bride should not walk down the aisle without a small bag , because it can always be time for a handkerchief! A bag is a chic accessory that should not be missing from your bridal outfit.

No one can refuse a small bag. On your wedding day you need a small bag for your emergency items.

When choosing a bag, you should pay attention to its appearance and functionality . The bridal bag should match your wedding dress in color and style . A bit of lace here, a few pearls there and you have chosen the perfect companion for the altar.

But the dimensions of the bag are also crucial. If you want to be prepared for all eventualities, then that will of course affect the size of your bags. We showed you all the emergency items that should be in the bridal bag in our maid of honor post . And that's a good point! You can also leave the small bag in the care of the maid of honor if you have your hands free to hand over the ring.


Chic or comfortable shoes for the wedding? What you should pay attention to when choosing accessories.

Even Cinderella knew it! Not only the look , but also the fit are important when choosing your bridal shoes. Just like with all other accessories, the same applies here: choose shoes that match the wedding dress . It's best to shop for both together! Because the length of the dress also influences how high your shoes (should) be.

When making your decision, always keep in mind that ideally you want to spend the entire wedding day in the shoes : standing, sitting, walking around, dancing - your heels should be able to handle all of that. If you are sure that they look nice, but unfortunately will make your life difficult over time, then smuggle a pair of ballet flats or flip-flops to the party!

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Hair accessories

You can have your hair done by a hairdresser on that day. To make a beautiful updo or loose mane even more beautiful, you can spice it up with playful hair accessories .

Either you treat yourself to glittery combs , which the hairdresser can use, or you crown your hair with a delicate hairband . It's all up to you. Combs inserted at the side can give your styling a sophisticated look.

Chic hair accessories to match your wedding outfit. Let yourself be enchanted.

A special highlight among hair accessories are and will always be real flowers . Regardless of whether you are a boho bride - a small floral greeting in your hair enhances any hairstyle. However, you should make sure that the real flowers are well prepared to spend the whole day in your hair and that they match your bridal bouquet . And if you or the groom are allergic, it might be advisable to switch to masterfully crafted artificial flowers that look just as real.


You can't imagine a bride without jewelry. Now all that's left is to decide which of the beautiful pieces of jewelry you want to wear on your big day. You can choose from a variety of necklaces, earrings or bracelets to create different styles. You'll wear the one important ring as an accessory after the ceremony.

Decide which pieces of jewelry you would like to adorn yourself with on your wedding day.

To harmoniously frame your face and hairstyle, earrings with a bit of glamour or very simple studs are particularly suitable. If you want to accentuate your outfit with a necklace, then it is best to choose a shorter necklace so that it rests elegantly on your décolleté. But a playful bracelet or bangle can also put the finishing touch to your dream dress.

The jewelry should, together with your wedding dress, make your dream of being a bride come true and turn it into an unforgettable moment. Therefore, choose the accessories to match your outfit.


The garter is one of the wedding traditions and is definitely a must-have!

One of the most notorious accessories, besides the wedding ring and those mentioned above, is definitely the garter. There are various traditions and customs surrounding the inconspicuous band, which is usually hidden on the bride's leg under the wedding dress.

We have already told you a lot of amusing information about the garter in our blog post . The garter is definitely one of the accessories that you should not do without, simply because of tradition. It also exudes a touch of seduction that you will definitely want to use to charm your groom.

Our top 5 wedding accessories, pin our tips!

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