Contents of the wedding countdown calendar

So what exactly is in the wedding countdown calendar? As a surprise for the bride, it should of course remain a secret! If you as a bridesmaid, groom, parents of the bride or gift giver would like to know what is in the calendar for brides, then you will find all the seven magical things hidden in the wedding countdown calendar.

Wall plaque "Days until the wedding"

The wall board with countdown feeling is hidden behind the 7th door!

The final spurt begins...
Behind the 7th door there is a beautiful countdown calendar for the wall, on which the bride can write down the number of days until her wedding day using a piece of chalk provided.

From Sass & Belle
The countdown board from Sass & Belle is sweet and stylishly designed! The bride can hang the board decoratively on a nail on the wall using a hanger. The corresponding piece of chalk is attached to the board with a pretty ribbon.

7, 6, 5, … wedding anniversary!
The bride celebrates each remaining day by writing its number on the sweet "countdown board". This will help her get in the mood for her big day in style and will remind her every morning that the best day of her life is just around the corner. Being aware of the time left will help the bride enjoy it! On the wedding day, a large zero should be written on the board. The sweet board is great for placing at the entrance to the wedding venue, for example, to convey the mood of anticipation. ♥

Cozy socks so she doesn't get cold feet

Cozy socks against cold feet

Fluffy socks for the bride
Despite the upcoming changes, there is no reason for the bride to get cold feet. Neither the proverbial nor the actual ones. With lots of love and the socks in the sweet cupcake design, the last days before the wedding can be enjoyed. The colorful socks are decorated with a playful pompom on the top.

Pure relaxation
The socks are not only soft and cuddly, but also warm and cozy. This makes them the perfect companion for a relaxed evening. Simply put the socks on and the relaxing phase can begin. With the soft socks, the bride can also snuggle up to her loved one during a relaxing movie night for two.

Take a deep breath
The positive, cozy socks serve as a little reminder that any fear before the wedding may simply be due to stress. And if the bride has no doubts, but often has cold feet (we know what it's like!) - then put on the socks! ;)

Ring plate "Mr & Mrs"

Ring plate Mr & Mrs

Mr + Mrs =
Even if you prefer never to take your wedding rings off. Sometimes there is no other option - when cleaning the house, playing sports or swimming, you want to take the rings off. That's when the cute little plate comes into play. The bride and groom's rings can be placed on it in a decorative way. The cute plate could also be used as a ring pillow for the wedding.

Find a nice place
It's not that long now! When unpacking, the little plate reminds the bride that her wedding rings will soon be on this plate! With one look at the ring plate, the bride can dream of her wedding days when the two rings lie peacefully on it. Whether in the bedroom or on the dresser by the front door - the cute little plate is always a small statement of the eternal love of the newlywed Mr. & Mrs. duo!

Ring plate without rings?
If the bride and groom don't have to take off their wedding rings, the plate is also a sweet place to present small sweets or a little love note!

Bath bomb with rose scent

Bath bombs with rose scent

Relaxation? Smells great!
Stopping and enjoying time alone is very important to avoid or avoid stress! Sometimes, even with something as joyful as preparing for a wedding, you can't avoid stress, so relaxation is a must before the wedding. The bride can enjoy relaxing hours alone or as a couple with the rose-scented bath bombs.

Relax even without a bathtub!
You don't need a bathtub to have fun and relax with the sweet rose hearts. Light a few candles and the bath bomb can be dissolved in a beautiful, large bowl. Just as the bath bombs dissolve in the warm water, the bride's problems dissolve. She can watch the rose petals floating on the water, treat her hands or feet to a little spa treatment and let the scent of the roses envelop her.

Writing pad for signature practice & stickers with writing inspiration

Writing pad for practicing signatures with stickers

Practice your new signature & write down your thoughts
In one of the boxes there is a small writing pad for the bride, with matching stickers that invite her to write on it. She can write her name on the front. In the pad she can then practice her new signature (if she has one) or write down thoughts, to-do lists and wishes for the wedding.

Inspirational stickers
As a little highlight, the pad contains a small sticker sheet. The stickers serve as inspiration for the bride to think about love, her wedding and marriage. The headings for the bride's thoughts on the stickers include, for example, "Love is..." or "I want to wake up with these thoughts on my wedding day". So, get your pens ready, go!

Garter with ruffles

Garter in blue with ruffles

Sweet & cheeky...
A garter simply exudes a particularly seductive aura. It waits under the wedding dress as a sweet secret. Garters are an integral part of wedding traditions. This particularly beautiful example is not boring or dignified at all. It is a sexy accessory during the wedding day and a beautiful memory of the big day afterwards!

Exclusively designed by Mondin
The beautiful garter is made by the German label mondin with white ruffles made of soft satin and a blue bow. An elastic band holds the elegant garter securely on the thigh.

Bracelet "Just Married"

Bracelet "Just Married" with heart pendant

Just wait one more day
... then the bride and groom are "just married". So that the bride can show this off in style, there is a bracelet with the engraving "Just married". It is made of the finest stainless steel. Reading these words one day before the wedding is a magical feeling! After the "yes" comes the great relaxation, the legendary party and the start of the super strong togetherness. After the ceremony, the perfect time has come to wear the bracelet with a heart pendant in silver. The bride will never want to take it off again. You can also engrave the wedding date on the back of the bracelet to make it even more meaningful.

Just married into happiness
Now the big moment has arrived that the newlyweds have been waiting for for so long. Now it's time to look forward to the wedding day and enjoy it to the fullest. As a reminder of the wonderful time, the bride can proudly adorn herself with her bracelet and enjoy the thought that she is now united with her loved one forever.

Bonus: 100-Day Countdown Mini Calendar

As a bonus, we also include our 100-day scratch-off calendar so you can get started sooner and look forward to your big day.

The last 7 days are still a little longer away?
Then the bride can bridge the time with the mini countdown: Every day she colors a heart in the mini wedding countdown calendar - the last seven days are marked with flowers so that she knows exactly when she can open the first box - then it goes from the small to the big countdown! ♥

Small countdown
The small wedding countdown calendar is so cute and decorative that the bride can display it in a beautiful place. This way, she and her loved one can not only visualize the planning and time frames, but also look forward to the approaching magical moment of the wedding every day and get in the mood for it.